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Questions About Crawl Spaces

Should my crawlspace be wet? 

No, while this is very common, moisture in a crawlspace can cause rot, mold and attract pests.

Do I really need insulation in my crawlspace?  

Yes, crawlspace insulation reduces infiltration into the home,  which causes displacement of conditioned air and energy loss.

What is a vapor barrier?  

A vinyl liner used to slow and prevent the evaporation of ground moisture.

My children have been coughing at night, can this be due to moisture in my crawlspace?  

Absolutely, studies have shown that 40% of air in your home comes up through the crawl space.  This means that moisture, dust, mold and allergens can seep up into your home, greatly impacting your family’s health.  

Questions About Insulation

Is Spray Foam Insulation expensive? 

It is not the cheapest type of Insulation, however it is the most energy efficient option that will pay for itself over time.

My floors are cold, does that have something to do with insulation? 

Yes, inadequate insulation can absolutely have an impact on cold flooring.

How do I choose between Fiberglass or Spray Foam?  

Depending on your budget and home or office energy efficiency needs.  

How do I know if I need more Insulation in my home?  

One of the first signs of needing more insulation is higher than average bills along with uncomfortability in your home or office.

Is Spray Foam good for the environment? 

In recent years, the industry has produced eco friendly blowing agents making spray foam application more environmentally conscious. 

Why are rooms in my home different temperatures?  

Majority of the time it is due to the HVAC and insulation not balancing the other. 

Questions About Concrete Lifting

My sidewalk is uneven and sunk, can foam fix it? 

Yes, injecting foam into uneven or sunken concrete can absolutely lift and repair it.  

How much does concrete leveling cost?  

Typically 50% less than concrete replacement.

How long does concrete leveling take?  

On average, most jobs are completed in one day with no wait time for usage,

Can cracked concrete be leveled?  

Yes, as long as the concrete slabs are still in large pieces and the cracks are not too close together.

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