Air Sealing

Can air sealing help cut utility costs?

Use Air Sealing To Keep Your Home Warm In The Winter And Cool In The Summer.

Sealing air leaks such as cracks, gaps, and holes in your house is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to decrease the amount of money spent on heating and cooling systems. When you leave these air leakages to continue, conditioned air leaves and outside air enter through cracks and openings; your house becomes either too cold during the winter or too warm during summer. 

Sealing these air leakages can be completed through spray foam that seals gaps between the building envelope and reduces air leakage from walls, floors, and windows. We, at Thermal Guard, can help you locate every source of air leakage and seal all leaks to help you build a more comfortable and energy-saving home.

What is Air Sealing? 

Air sealing and insulation work hand-in-hand. Air sealing is a process of covering and sealing up small holes, gaps, and cracks found in windows, doors, or small spaces that the insulation missed. These small gaps allow air to go in and out and bring in pollutants, heat, and moisture.

Through air sealing the uncovered parts where the insulation is installed, it allows you to easily regulate your home’s temperature, moisture levels, and indoor air quality. Air sealing also helps you to save more money and gives you an energy-efficient home.

Does My Attic Really Need Air Sealing?

Yes! Air sealing your attic is a great investment for your homes. Not only that it helps you save money from high energy bills all year round, it also makes your homes more comfortable and energy-efficient. 

Once your attic is insulated and air sealed, you can be sure that your house won’t turn into a frost cave during winter and a furnace during summer. This also makes regulating your heating and cooling systems easier and more efficient. 


Air Sealing Benefits with Thermal Guard Foam

Once your home is air sealed by our professional team at Thermal Guard, your home will surely become more comfortable, safer, and energy-efficient. The benefits of appropriate air sealing and insulation include:

  • Regulated and comfortable temperature all-year-round. 
  • Reduce high energy costs. 
  • Better indoor air quality. 
  • Prevention of mold formation and insect infestation.

An air sealed home is a happy home. But, remember that air sealing and insulation go hand in hand. If you don’t know what insulation is, click here.

We Can Help You!

Have you decided to turn your homes to an energy-efficient one? We, your trusted local consultants at Thermal Guard Foam, can help you with absolutely everything! From locating the source of air leakage to providing you professional recommendations, and to the installation. We got you covered! 

Get a quote or call us today and set an appointment for inspection and to get more information about insulation and air sealing installations. We, your trusted local consultants at Thermal Guard Foam will gladly help you get the best care your house needs. 

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